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Functional Skills Maths Level 1  

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Starting: Flexible  

Duration:  sessions over  week(s)


Location: Paines Mill Foyer, St Neots  

Cost: See Description.  

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Read, understand and use mathematical information and terms; address individual problems; use knowledge and understanding to a required level of accuracy; analyse and interpret answers in context; check the sense and reasonableness of answers; and present results with appropriate explanation and interpretation demonstrating simple reasoning.

For more information please phone: 01480 214685

This course is also running at Wisbech Foyer Learning Centre, 18 North Street, Wisbech, PE13 1NP



Time and duration

Start Date:
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Day: Flexible Flexible
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Paines Mill Foyer, St Neots  
Paines Mill  
Pheonix Square
St Neots  
Cambridgeshire PE19 1HP

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