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Garden Design Theory  

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Course Summary

Code: ONH2R101  

Starting: Flexible  

Duration:  sessions over  week(s)


Location: Online Learning  

Cost: See Description.  

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Our online course 'Garden Design - Getting Started' will offer you an opportunity to explore garden design to help you improve your own outdoor space or to support you in starting a new career.

There are no entry requirements for this non-accredited course.

When will I attend?
This course is flexible, meaning you can log on and complete your learning when it suits you. Your start and end date will be agreed between you and your tutor. The course should take a total of 10 hours to complete.

Who is the course for?
The course is aimed at adults (19+) who are:
-Looking to improve their knowledge of garden design
-Are interested in starting or developing their career in horticulture
-Interested in progressing on to achieve a horticulture qualification

What can I expect to learn?
You will gain everything you need to start designing your garden!

By the end of the course you will be able to:
-Understand the need for design and planting plan
-Understand the need for principles such as scale and orientation
-Carry out plant research and record the information
-Produce a scaled working drawing of a planting plan
-Have a clear action plan of where to progress to next

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